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New Care Homes is a business centred around expertly designed, high specification care homes. New Care wanted to increase its search visibility in specific geographical locations. It came to us with the aim to increase conversions and search reach near to where its care homes were based.

In terms of business to consumer lead gen, New
Care, in the majority of cases, wasn’t directly targeting its benefactors of the home, but often relatives of them. Dark Horse developed its strategy considering both the website to create a strong foundation and content to drive intent-based traffic. It was time to get started, it was time for Dark Horse to get forensic.

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Taking the necessary care

Firstly, the website needed to be built on a strong base. Technical SEO completed an audit of the website and delivered on the tasks outlined. This improved the crawlability and indexability of the website as well as ensuring the website followed best practices in terms of structure and page speed.

Once the technical side was updated and improved, the content strategy kicked in. From here, the team provided unique content for each of the individual care homes’ landing pages. This was done as a priority to make sure the main pages were fresh and engaging. Advice and service pages were also revamped to ensure the user had all the information they needed and Google knew what the page was about and improved its ranking.

The Content team then continued to add informational resources to the blog section of the website which helped to further improve long tail keyword rankings as well as the overall keyword reach for the domain.

Dark Horse knew that more could be done to improve the website ranking so that organic sessions would increase. It tasked its outreach team (Digital PR) to focus on gaining further website authority – complementing the work of Content. A critical task was reclamation of links, ensuring any that were broken or lost were updated and linked back to the website. In addition to this reactive approach, topical Digital PR campaigns were created which reached national press like the Express and global press including Good Morning America. This improved the ranking power of the website and the brand awareness.

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“I am the Commissioning Director for New Care, we are a national care home company and have worked in partnership with Dark Horse for a number of years. The team at Dark Horse are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Since designing, developing and managing our new website we have seen a huge increase in quality enquiries.”

Commissioning Director, New Care

Putting a spring back into its step

With a well organised strategy and delivering the necessary care and attention to the technical side of the website, the organic new user sessions and conversion rates both increased by 24% and 3.65% respectively. Showing that the targeted traffic was converting and New Care homes could see tangible revenue from the efforts.

The key words grew by 85% through well written, optimised content and the domain rating (DR) increased from 18 to 28. These factors also supported an improved ranking on
Google, making New Care Homes more visible to its audience.

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growth in keywords


increase in new organic users

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Increase in revenue

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