Buffalo 7 - Presentation design agency

Buffalo 7 - Presentation design agency

Sliding to Success

Buffalo 7 is a UK-based premium specialist PowerPoint presentation design agency. They exist to help the world’s best brands deliver incredible presentations. They transform business facts, figures, and values into a compelling and rich narrative that helps strengthen stakeholder relationships and increase client capital wealth.

This fantastic PowerPoint powerhouse agency wanted to know more about our video audit to see how their current campaigns were running and if any improvements could be made.

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A presentation like no other for Buffalo 7

The initial audit showed that their PPC campaigns were in decent shape. However, their previous link acquisition strategy wasn't delivering a strong ROI and they realised the need to work with an expert agency to improve this.

At the time, Buffalo 7 weren’t actually looking for an agency but after our initial pitch they were quickly convinced that by partnering with Dark Horse they'd see an increase in ROI quickly. We wanted to help Buffalo 7 cement the leader position in their field - we looked at their current strategy and decided that the way to quickly turn things around would be through SEO. Specifically, Digital PR.


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The strategy was to increase search engine visibility for Buffalo 7 through the acquisition of high-quality earned links. This means focusing on a data-driven digital PR campaign with on-site assets designed to be picked up and shared by top tier newspapers and technology journalists.

We needed to create a campaign which would be relevant to Buffalo 7's presentation design focus, but also had story value for journalists. We knew that presenting had changed in a world impacted by the pandemic, we also saw discussion in the press around video calling. So, we were inspired to create a survey-driven story which explored video calling anxiety - asking if the UK was suffering from 'Zoom Anxiety', and if so, what were the biggest triggers?

In our journalist brief we included tips from Buffalo 7 around overcoming 'Zoom Anxiety' to give insight from an authority. The campaign was pitched to health, lifestyle, and technology press.

And wouldn't you know it, we smashed our client's target!

Incredible SEO transition

Digital PR outreach and content promotion took place over a week in early December. 'Zoom Anxiety' generated coverage and links all over the world, on sites new to the Buffalo 7 backlink profile. To date, the campaign has generated 226 backlinks for Buffalo 7. That's an increase in expected results of 4220%!

Highlights include the followed linking coverage on the Metro (93 DA), all 8 TechRadar sites (92 DAs), all Yahoo sites (95 DAs) Gizmodo (93 DA) CNET (93) and SEMRush (87 DA) – the latter highlighting the campaign as being a great example of digital PR.

Looking at organic traffic, 'Zoom Anxiety' is now the 4th most linked page on the Buffalo 7 site. The piece continues to naturally generate links and can be promoted again over time, whenever the topic is relevant.

We have continued to work with the Buffalo 7 team across technical SEO, content and more. We look forward to continuing to deliver tangible and actionable results for the team.

Buffalo 7 Zoom Anxiety Publications

No stress here...

  • 226 Backlinks generated for Buffalo 7. That’s an increase in expected results of 4420%.


  • 27 Backlinks on DA 70+ sites


  • Linking coverage on the Metro, TechRadar, Yahoo, Gizmodo, CNET and SEMRush


  • An evergreen campaign that continues to pick up links to this day


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