Maximuscle is the UK's premier sports nutrition brand, focussing on highly effective, research supported nutritional products. Its aim is to help consumers achieve their physique, sporting and fitness goals.

Since 1995, it has helped millions of people push harder, go faster and further. Break limits and personal bests. Build confidence and realise dreams.

Whether you are an elite sportsperson, a gym purist or a complete beginner, maximuscle is the go-to sports nutrition brand.

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Maximuscle gif

Hitting its personal best

When Dark Horse took over the Maximuscle account it wasn't in the strongest state. On average, Maximuscle was seeing a ROAS of 3x with a cost of purchase of £15.43. It was clear that this campaign was not reaching it's true potential and needed a personal, social trainer.

Once we got access to the account it was time to put this campaign through its paces.

We started by introducing a full funnel 99% approach to the campaign builds with clear and defined layers for TOF, MOF and BOF activity. This then complemented the current structure with best practice strategies such as adopting a Campaign Budget Optimisation approach to prospecting to allow for real-time optimisations, including all placements to improve efficiency within the auction, as well as including thorough exclusions to ensure we don't see overlaps in spend.

Alongside this, we influenced the creative output to enable us to run mobile-first content that is best suited for results via social - content formatted for mobile, short and fast video snippets to engage the user, increasing social proof via customer reviews and UGC, etc.

All the gains


Increase in ROAS from 3x to 5.97x


Reduction in Cost Per Purchase from £15.45 to £8.58

Paid Social advertising

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