Paid Social. Lay siege on their feeds

Paid Social. Lay siege on their feeds

Unleash a Paid Social agency to get you that money

If you have the balls for it, social media can be the ultimate plundering ground for audiences ready to spend loads of money on your brand. Target, infiltrate and capture social media feeds of your audience using their language and by stroking their ego. Paid Social advertising lets us get inside of every user’s head – we know what they love, hate, need, want and when they'll be scrolling through their feeds. Our Paid Social agency team uses hard logic and sharp creativity to help your brand capture attention and demand conversions.


How will a social media advertising agency

benefit me and my business?

Paid Social ads bring your brand into your customers’ home. There are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. We target-lock on your specific audience and use them to capitalise and elevate your brand. Be a menace to competitors and use our extensive targeting options to home in on your ideal and personalised market.

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Complete Paid Social agency ads service

With the right Paid Social agency battle plan you will ignite the belly of the beast and convert better and quicker. Torch boring ad copy and overthrow bullshit, automated targeting that even a junior can set up. We create intelligence-based ads which shake things up, insight action and make people want to be part of your corps.

Dark Horse only enlists the elite, our social media advertising agency team will seize every opportunity and unleash all their knowledge to create researched and strategically targeted ads on any social media platform. With our comprehensive service, we take your goals and create a bespoke tactical plan for achieving them. No empty promises, no vague terminology, no silent ends – we give you real commercial results, audits, strategies, monthly reports and more. The Dark Horse Paid Social agency services become your defenders, we are one of your own.

We rebel and make bold moves that capture attention and secure conversions on every platform from Facebook to LinkedIn. We bring you customers with intent to make you money without wasting it on spend. Our Paid Social ad forms include:

  • Carousel ads
  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Collection ads

Got a favourite social media channel for advertising?

Facebook advertising

Facebook ads is one of the most sophisticated and effective marketing platforms in existence. Like a good warrior, it reaches very specific users that other channels like Google cannot. The targeting is so advanced that Zuckerberg himself needs to storm the Supreme Court to defend its power of collecting data. Facebook knows everything about its users, we use that knowledge to fuel our paid social ads to allow your message to get in front of the most relevant audience.

Target on interest, location, demographics, behaviour and more. Facebook advertising done well will lay siege on feeds and fill your war chest with loads of money. Dark Horse Paid Social experts create strategies and ads that provoke and generate sales and drive conversions as users storm your brand. Build awareness. Build loyalty. Build vaults for your money as you see increased profits. Build a bespoke and highly-targeted Facebook marketing plan with Dark Horse leading as your Field Marshal.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn’s paid ad platform isn’t for everyone – but this exclusivity is its biggest strength. Target, seize and convert CEOs, Managing Directors, Marketing Executives and every other influential decision maker at the companies you want your brand to be associated with. No other social media platform or networking event can offer this kind of VIP access.

Dark Horse will be your trojan horse into the centre of professional social advertising. Get in front of serious decision makers with sponsored content, InMail, text and dynamic ads and lead generation forms. Your competitors will say LinkedIn is for motivational quote pictures - it's not, it's for making shit tonnes of money. Steal the opportunity from those who don't know how to harness LinkedIn's paid media platforms.

Instagram advertising

Within the chaos of likes and selfies, Instagram built a platform for discovering and inspiring. Over 1 billion inspirations and discoveries are made every month. That’s a lot of content. It’s also a lot of opportunity to make serious money. Walking into Instagram paid social can be like trying to fight your way through a war zone, with engagement figures higher than Facebook and Twitter you need a serious warrior on your side to know where the gold lies.

Our social media advertising experts specialise in this type of warfare, we know how to use Instagram targeting, exploit user behaviour and interests and launch campaigns using native Instagram advertising tools. We know how to reach and expand your target audience to drive sales better than any other social media advertising agency in Manchester.

Why Dark Horse?

We only hire the very best. The smarter we work, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That’s not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it’s down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

We offer incredible value. Our services don’t cost a bomb. We’re based up North keeping our overheads down to give you the best price. Dark Horse has people who really get it, making decisions and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to get in touch.

We’re not for everyone. We get on best with companies who want results and understand that empirical data informs winning decisions not your gut instinct on colour palettes. We don't have any intention of offending but we will be direct in suggesting all conquering tactics. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together. Chinwag over a pink wafer?