LinkedIn advertising gains

LinkedIn advertising gains

LinkedIn's ad platform certainly isn't for every advertiser - but this exclusivity is its biggest strength.

Network directly with CEO’s, Managing Directors, Marketing Executives and every other influential decision-maker at the companies you want to do business with. No other network can offer this kind of exclusive connectivity. LinkedIn has massively evolved over the last few years. It is maturing into an incredibly profitable platform for B2B companies looking to target hard to reach decision-makers. For every money and time-wasting picture of the new office dog by Karen, there are clever and subtle adverts generating fantastic ROI for those in the know.

2020 is the year that LinkedIn comes out of the wilderness. It's still untapped, undervalued and ignored. Don't wait until it becomes saturated and too competitive. It's the worlds largest professional network. Take advantage of it.

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LinkedIn marketing service includes:

Dark Horse provide the full suite of LinkedIn advertising options:

  • Sponsored content
  • Direct sponsored content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Lead gen forms (can be used with sponsored content & sponsored InMail)

How we help you on LinkedIn

We generate leads and grow your brand with the right decision-makers. The aim here is to do this at a fraction of the cost of alternative channels.

1. Research

We understand your business, industry and goals and then asses what buyer and influencer personas we should be targeting.

2. LinkedIn playbook

The strategy of helping you hit the outlined goals. The brains and nerds get together to creatively build you a plan to win in the short and long term. Direct focus on domination whether that be generating leads or event registrations.

3. Audience and targeting

The most relevant audiences generate the biggest money and LinkedIn is the apex in business targeting. With many options available, B2B and professional marketing expertise is a win here.

  • Job experience - Functions, job titles, member skills, years of experience
  • Education - Degrees, fields of study, member schools
  • Demographic and location - Age and gender
  • Company - Company followers and connections, industry, size and company name
  • Interests - Member interest and member groups
  • Custom targeting - Matched audiences, lookalike audiences, account based targeting

4. Ads, ads, ads

Once audiences are defined, content needs to be tailored to be relevant for each segment. This is an ever evolving process with test and learning principles. Thought leadership for C-Suite and tactical content for senior individual contributors. We know what decision-makers want, we will give them what they want to see.

5. Campaign optimisation and growth

Once the campaign has accumulated data about the professionals and subsequent conversions, we use insights to inform future content, bidding, targeting, segmentation and testing. We are proactive to smash through ceilings.

6. Full reporting

Simple and jargon free.

LinkedIn advertising importance

No other platform allows you to reach CEO's and gated or protected decision makers directly. LinkedIn marketing represents a huge opportunity to get in front of the serious heavy hitters.

  • LinkedIn currently has over 610 million members.
  • The network has 303 million active monthly users, 40% of which visit the site daily.
  • 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 and FTSE companies use LinkedIn.
  • 46% percent of the social media traffic to B2B company sites are from LinkedIn.
  • 36% of LinkedIn users rely on their LinkedIn feed to get the latest news.

LinkedIn advertising from Dark Horse:

Jam hot experience – Industry experts. No juniors or trainees. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. Not LinkedIn Certified as there is no such thing. 100% unofficially certified. Guaranteed!

No balderdash – We tell you how it is. You have full visibility in what we do. We don't hide behind pretty reports with stats we want you to see. See what matters to you and that's mega bucks in your account.

Drum recommended or award-winning – Only messing, that would be a folly reason to choose an agency. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying them £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10.

Personality – The unquantifiable bit. You don't want to work with scumbags or companies who offer crap service and poor communication. We work hard and won't rest until we win this for you. We can’t be stopped and are never beaten.