Basket case studies

Basket case studies

Google Shopping management to put your logistics to the test

Google Shopping is an incredible way to grow your business and make significant profit gains. The management and optimisation of Google Shopping is a technical and creative process that can make massive impact to revenues. The beauty of Shopping is that it offers users a rich visual experience with instant relevant information available. Once they click through to your site, they are covered with sticky thick intent. They are then inevitably swelling their baskets and thus your coffers. There is no excuse for an ecommerce based company not to advertising on Google Shopping. From that point, it's just about doing it well. Google Shopping - it's show vs tell.


Importance of Google Shopping:

Google Shopping success is beyond crucial. Amazon, Not on the High Street, eBay - all brilliant platforms. How much do they charge on average per transaction? 15% to 25%. That's your money. Using 3rd party sellers comes with a huge price tag.

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3rd party sellers commissions – Big Q’s:

  • Who gets the SEO benefit of products bought through Amazon? It ain't you.
  • Who gets a list of your customers when bought through Amazon?
  • Who gets to emarket to your customers with similar competitor products when bought through Amazon?
  • Who gets to remarket to your customers when they shop via Amazon?
  • Who gets to see all your pricing data, all your basket abandons, all your delivery info, all your terms?
  • Who gets to learn everything about your business model and compare it to your competition when users shop through Amazon?
  • Using that Data, who brings out their own product ranges where they spot gaps that could crush their own customers ( you )? Would they care? Ask Toys’R’us and the high street.
  • Who gets all the brand affinity from customers who buy your product through Amazon? Do they go direct to you or back to Amazon?


By putting all your eggs in 3rd Party sellers baskets, you are slowly poisoning your own ecomms business. Amazon and other 3rd party resellers are amazing and great financial opportunities. Use them. Use them well but for ***** sake DO NOT neglect your own site, ecomms and advertising through Google Shopping.

3rd Party websites are data companies. Wake up and smell the danger. If we weren't burning, Greta would change focus and be pounding the shit out of these guys.

How Dark Horse helps with Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides the best real estate and the richest experience towards the top of the page. In 2020, this experience is going to be richer still and taking sales away from Amazon with the rollout of Smart Shopping and Showcase. We take all the relevant products and make sure that Google has all the live information it needs to display your Ads. Once your feed is integrated, it will be optimised ongoing. Here's what the service includes:

  • Feed optimsation
  • Structure and segmentation
  • CSS implementation to reduce click spend
  • Latest features - Smart Shopping
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Product listing ad optimisation
  • Google and Bing Shopping strategy
  • Competitor pricing checks
  • Inventory ad management

Winning with Google Shopping

Optimising Shopping feeds means changing the structure, the product titles, images, descriptions and many other variables. They all have the be in the perfect format for Google to scrape and display. The better the optimisation and feed management, the more chance your products will be shown and better the relevance. This will result in cheaper clicks, more sales and maximum returns. Put simply, we tinker about under the hood getting oily and nerdy whilst you swim in your ever increasing money pit.


Google Shopping process

Audit Shopping campaign

CSS feasibility

Assess campaign strategy

Segmentation strategy

Launch and showcase

Test, test, test some more

Embrace Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the only way to rank on top of Google search results. It accounts for 66% of all ad clicks and 90% of non branded clicks for retailers. Pound for pound, they generate more revenue than Search Ads.

There is a reason why search engines like Google and Bing make millions from Paid Search. Their reach is worldwide. It's simple really, if you aren't advertising on search engines you aren't being seen and missing out.

  • 35% of Google product searches turn into transactions within 5 days. (Jumpshot)
  • Google Shopping ads have a higher CTR than Amazon's Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads. (Merkle)
  • The average amount of time between a Google product search and a purchase is 20 days (it's 26 days on Amazon). (Jumpshot)
  • 48% of all online shoppers start their search for a product on Google.

Google Shopping - The Dark Horse way

Google Shopping campaign management from the experts. Working with brands small and large we know what makes shoppers tick.

1. Research

We understand your business, industry and goals and then asses what buyer and influencer personas we should be targeting.


2. Google Shopping Bible

Using our research, we then build a strategy that starts with you. What is it you need to make dough? Our nerds get together to creatively build you a plan to win, starting with short and long term goals that makes you money. Our core objective is simple. Make you as much money as possible and unchain you from your 3rd party seller overlords. In other words, get you dominating.


3. Audience and targeting

Our campaign segmentation strategy looks at queries, the funnel and intent. We cover product performance, value, category and combinations there of. Top performing audiences would also be segmented with bespoke rules and attention.


4. Ads, ads, ads

Once audiences are defined, then content needs to be tailored to be relevant for each segment. This is the fun bit for our geeks. They love a good product feed, spreadsheet upon spreadsheets. It's what they live for. Expertise in product feeds is a must, without it there are no ads. Google Shopping is a living thing using product feeds, it needs nurturing every day. It's an ever-evolving process which means testing and learning in order for it to grow.


5. Campaign optimisation and growth

Once the campaign has accumulated data about the products and subsequent conversions, we use insights to inform future bidding, targeting, segmentation and testing, keeping your goals in the forefront. We are proactive to smash through ceilings.


6. Full reporting

Simple and jargon free.


Google Shopping - It just makes sense

There is a reason why search engines like Google and Bing make billions from Paid Search. Their reach is worldwide. It's simple really, if you aren't advertising on search engines you aren't being seen and missing out.

Dark Horse holds the Google Shopping specialisation. This is awarded when a company displays product expertise including implentation and results. We provide a safe pair of hands for you and a dangerous knock out punch for your competition.

Google Shopping from

Dark Horse:

Jam hot experience - Industry experts. No juniors or trainees. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. Google Partner Certified with Shopping specialisation. You can take that to the bank.

Zero prattle - We tell you how it is. You have full visibility in what we do. No toss stats or pompous exaggerated reports, just positive trendlines on your bank balance.

Drum recommended or award-winning - That would be a half-witted reason to select an agency. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. This is sponsorship.

Personality - You can have all the case studies in the world but if you're an arse of a company with an unwilling attitude then it's game over. Sensible, smart, nice people is what is required here. Reasonable. Not just thinking about their margin. We want to tell other agencies to stick their "banked hours" where the sun doesn't shine.