We call page 2
the dark web

We call page 2
the dark web

Tech SEO is the foundation and starting point for modern SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most important and earliest steps within the whole SEO process. It's also really bastard boring to most MD's and marketing managers. The minutae of code bloat, junk pages, sitemaps, schemas and autoexec.bat 640k bootdiscs are a little dry in conversation yet they are a ranking factor. So either get with the program and start nerding out over WordPress or pay experts to sort it out. As an aside, Tech SEO is also what most freelance SEO's confuse with the complete SEO service. In truth, it's only a relatively small amount probably about 10-15% of an overall service. Freelancers don’t want you to know that as it blows their offering to shit. Find someone else to dupe from your bedroom.

If your Technical SEO isn't up to scratch, then you are unlikely to get the results you are looking for. Technical SEO is essentially the practice of optimising your website for crawling and indexing. In simple terms, Technical SEO is a way for search engines, like Google, to look through your site and see whether or not your content matches the searchers query. Just like users, search engines are lazy. The harder it is to find the information they are searching for, the lower ranked your website will be. The way your site is coded, the speed at which it's crawled, the hierarchy of your pages and hundreds more factors will impact Google indexing and ultimately, your traffic, ranking and results.

Technical SEO is your foundation to success. Get these initial stages wrong and it could hinder your rankings later. To outrank and outperform your competition is to build on a solid technical site foundation. If you think that 301 and 404 are bus routes then you are needing our help. Page 1 for converting hits. Page 3 for perving at t**s.

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The SEO trinity

There are three core aspects to SEO in 2020. Technical, Content and Digital PR. None of those are Neil Patel. None of these can be covered by reading a book or a blog. To compete and win in those disciplines needs a team with a diverse skillset. Coding, creativity, language, proactivity, marketing and of course SEO strategy. This is a mix of data, science and marketing art.

SEO is responsible for driving over 3 x the traffic to websites that social media does. It's not just a valuable channel, it's a critical investment. With our team covering technical optimisations, your website is fully evaluated and improved to ensure the highest returns.

SEO is not a fog or mystery that agencies have you believe, it's completely tangible and an explainable process. "Give it 12 months and see what happens". **** that and other agency crutches. Do the right things and results will start. Dark Horse put our experience and gonads on the line and forecast results.

Tiers of SEO Circle Venn Diagram

Free Tech SEO audit

We check over 100 technical areas and can guarantee hours of time spent on your account in every CMS nook and cranny. It's SEO penicillin. We give your website code the ultimate spring clean and will have the page speed purring, like a Google pheromone injection to get the code singing with efficiency. Think going from a National Trust cafe queue to a McDonald’s touch screen system. We work hard. Rise at seven and SEO all day.


SEO service includes:

  • SEO audit & evidence-based plan
  • Complete SEO package
  • Copywriting
  • Digital PR

Tech SEO process

The audit. The team spend hours preparing a huge list of insults about your website and progress. They look at where you are in relation to your competition and produce a series of graphs, errors, opportunities that are so damning and miserable that you will be spitting fury. Once the madness and sackings subside, we are then here to turn that anger into positive action. If your SEO is good, we will tell you that too and then it will be our turn to throw tables around. Timewasting sods.

Our industry experts give your website a shakedown and turn it on its head checking for errors that could hold you down. Hold my beer while we look at:

  • Sitemaps
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Mobile optimization
  • Site speed and loading time
  • Site structure
  • Broken pages, links, 404, 147, 999, 111, 666 and even 007’s.
  • SSL certificates
  • Mixed content issues, duplicate content
  • Image optimization
  • Internal and external links
  • Canonical URLs

The SEO strategy

Post audit strategy

We obviously fix the above and then crack on. Incredible importance. We take the revised objectives of success and work backwards to plan and execute tactics and milestones to get you there. The SEO experts leave no stone unturned and are busy creating campaigns, fixing issues and making relationships with the most important PR contacts in your industry and beyond. We also love a bit of resource planning, timescales and audience targeting. High margin agencies call these “Personas” and love to charge extra for their picture of Karen drinking Gin and her LinkedIn profile. We just call it common sense and get on with it. We call her Sophie instead.



"Shit hot truthful SEO agency". We know what to rank for and target. From a technical perspective, this is about using keywords that the most profitable audience will be using. Keywords are different depending on what the end goal is but we do have a "full funnel" approach and other such diagrams. In short, the right people, dripping intent who are looking for your service. We hogtie them with keywords.


Meta Thunberg

On-page optimisation. In days gone by, this could be done by reading a book and filling in a couple of tags but not anymore. This is more than descriptions and title tags. This is about the hierarchy, the internal links and lots of other small details but most importantly - the actual content of the page. It's equal parts pleasing Google and your target audience. Is your copy an absolute shower? Does it put people off or fail to capture their attention? We make sure that Google reads and understands your site as it should and it will love you for it.


Our Tech SEO strategies

We have a simple but well tested strategy: Win. Win at all costs. Win at the cost of making your web devs work harder. Win at the cost of getting access to your site and making it faster, more secure and easier to crawl. Win on mobile-friendly. Win on voice friendly - that doesn't mean Geordie. Win at link optimisation. Win at the cost of dealing with hundreds of tiny factors that combine into a clusterstorm of a blockage to your rankings akin to a fatberg.


We send hugs and kisses to your competitors before we assemble pikes ready for them. We will see what is working for them and what is not. We will be pouring over blueprints to find their weakness and gaps to exploit. The SEO rebels will find that trench, take the shot and watch them burn. We will be way, way to quick for their turbo lasers.


Links - Good ones

We secure and use more links than a rampant hormonal teenage boy. They believe that links will help them get more hits and so do we. We also do this from day 1, none of this "give it 6 months" bollox. It's an ongoing strategy but there are quick wins. This is about getting the highest quality links for your incredible content and getting all the goodness of traffic, authority and Google approval we can. Google answers the eternal question resoundingly… if no one hears a tree fall over in a forest, did it really fall over? No it ***** didn't, not unless some big hitting site linked to it. Great content that no one sees, digests, links too or crawls is a great waste of time.



This is not just about gubbins blogs. 90% of blog content we see is horse and serves no logical purpose other than marketing thought they were supposed to do one, once a month. Content in this sense is about creative marketing campaigns that generate awareness, traffic, links and conversions. These are large pieces of work designed to impact. Maybe be supported by the odd blog or long form piece but not duff ones. Our content exploits lucrative gaps.



Doesn't matter how good you are at SEO. There are some areas where it's just easier and cheaper to get to where you need to do be with PPC. SEO and PPC should be working in harmony and you will get compound benefits. Fortunately, we are a dab hand at both. Master of all search trades and jack at none.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Big topic but ultimately getting the horse to bastard drink. Small percentage improvements here can make massive cash differences.

Tech SEO from Dark Horse

Capital experience - Industry experts. No juniors or whippersnappers. You can't blag this. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. All of our Tech SEO heroes are at least a level 11 Paladin on something.

No poppycock – We tell you how it is, warts and all. You have full visibility in what we do. We don't hide behind well-constructed industry excuses such as Google's moved the goalpost and works in mysterious ways. Balls to that. We just deal with it. We work to what matters to you and that's £££ on your bottom line.

Drum recommended or award-winning – Only joking, that would be an absurd reason to choose a Tech SEO agency. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. This is also called sponsorship.

Personality – The unquantifiable bit. Leave no man behind. You don't want to work with bandits or companies who offer crap service and poor communication. We work hard and won't rest until we win this for you. If we were the chebs, you should avoid. We would describe our normal practise as having a 'can-do attitude'.