We call page 2
the dark web

We call page 2
the dark web

Technical SEO agency Manchester

Your website is never going to make you money if your site speed is sh*t and pages aren't indexed. Google would rather direct users to your biggest competitors who don't have these issues than to your site. Read that again.

Unleashing Technical SEO services on your website is the earliest and most important step in your tactical SEO strategy. It's the foundations you need if you want your site to rank, drive traffic and turn those leads into hard cash.

Our Tech SEO specialists buckle down and tear through the tasks you find tedious, because, let's face it, no MD wants to hear about sitemaps, schemas, 401 redirects, or how many javascript issues are slowing the site down – they just want to make money. We care about the mundane, so you don't have to. Leave the boring core web vitals to us.

Our Tech SEO specialists buckle down and tear through the tasks you find tedious, because, let's face it, no MD wants to hear about sitemaps, schemas, 401 redirects, or how many javascript issues are slowing the site down – they just want to make money. We care about the mundane, so you don't have to. Leave the boring core web vitals to us.


What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the practice of optimising your website for crawling and indexing - or at least, that's the jargon-heavy explanation you'd get from our Tech SEO consultants.

In simpler terms, Tech SEO is about making your website look like it's going for a job interview where you're trying to impress Google and other search engines. Being your best you. The easier it is for Google to move about your website, understand its context and index the pages, the higher you will show up on Google's search results. Grab your Lynx Java, put on your best clobber and ensure you have a secure website. One that's bullet fast, works on all devices and blows smoke up Google's arse. Can we buy you some structured data?

The Tech SEO process at Dark Horse

You can't shout about offering the best Technical SEO services in Manchester without making a plan first. We start by performing a full audit of your website. Our Tech SEO consultants will run their probing device through your site and find every error and missed opportunity to ensure you're hitting the right spot on the big G. It'll hurt at first, but feel oh so good when you're riding high.

We sort through the website carnage and check everything:

  • Sitemaps
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Structured data
  • Google Core Web Vitals
  • Site speed and loading time
  • Site structure
  • Broken pages, links, all the 301s, 404s… even 666 and 007
  • SSL certificates
  • Image optimisation
  • Internal and external links
  • Canonical URLs

Once we know where your last Technical SEO agency failed, we create a strategy to fix, win and rake in the money for you. We'll need access to every dusty corner of your website, Search Console and Google Analytics. We're probably going to need to track down your web dev and make them work harder and faster than ever. Better warn them – Dark Horse is coming. And we are Forensic.

Ready to terrify your competition? Our industry experts give your website a shakedown and turn it on its head checking for errors that are giving your rivals the upper hand. Take back what's yours. Dominate or die.

Technical SEO services explained

Our Technical SEO services focus on strategies that wins. We leave keyword stuffing for other Manchester Technical SEO agencies, services and Tech SEO companies.

Website migrations

FFS don't migrate your website without getting a Technical SEO agency onboard. Without Tech SEO you could have a criminal migration, which means you can kiss goodbye to those leads that were going to pay out your bonus.

We look at the whole process and make sure that SEO is front and centre. Minimise any risk of search traffic drops and ranking issues by having our Tech SEO team fully scope and execute the website migration. Doesn't matter if it's an e-commerce or service-based site, we've seen the lot and migrated them all.

Core web vitals optimisation

Sometimes you have to suck up to Google to make oodles of cash.

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that Google considers important in a webpage's overall user experience. They're made up of three specific page speed and user interaction measurements:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) - loading performance
  • First Input Delay (FID) - interactivity
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) - visual stability

What these boil down to is this: is your site easy and enjoyable to use? If this was a blind date, would they just walk out? Or would they be swooning and desperate for a second one? If not, our Manchester Tech SEO experts know how to get your house is order. We've turned failing websites into speedy, user-friendly goldmines that makes Google weak at the knees and occasionally tremble.

Google page speed

Page speed is really fucking important for SEO. The faster your website and pages load, the higher they will rank. It's that simple. Unfortunately, most web developers won't consider ranking factors when they build and design your site – they just want it to look good. That's why you need a Technical SEO agency to work on your site too. Completely different agenda. Tech SEO will make your page speed lightning quick on all devices. Google will love it and bump you up before you can say "Largest Contentful Paint".

The first step in destroying your competitors is unleashing Technical SEO services on your website. Tech is the beginning of all SEO work, the clever manipulating and outsmarting of the Google crawlers that leads you down the path to commercial success. Traffic. Money. Profit. Lots of it.



Another make-or-break element on site. It gets a bit technical from here on out.

If you have multiple pages on site with similar content, a canonical tag tells search engines which URL is the master version of that page and should appear in search results.

If, for example, you sell a jumper in blue, red and black, you might have a URL for that jumper and a new URL for each of the colours. You could use a canonical tag to tell Google that the main jumper page should appear in search results, while the colours should not. This helps to prevent content duplication, which can have a detrimental effect on your SEO. If you have multiple pages targeting the same keywords, Google won't know which to rank - and likely won't rank any of them. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Website structure

You need to build motorways through your website for Google to navigate through. It doesn't want sheep blocked B roads – it just wants to follow the road signs telling it where to go. We build Google a sat nav. We look at how the crawlers interact with your site and make it as easy as possible for them. We also make sure that they can read everything and understand what the main purpose of every section is. There is no room for guesswork here.

Schema markup

Have you ever noticed that some search results contain star reviews, product images, or are displayed in an FAQ section on search results? Have you also noticed how these results take up so much more space in SERPs than other results? And how you're naturally drawn to those results vs another? Well, that's all thanks to schema markup. It's basically a small bit of code that is added to help Google understand what type of content is on the page.

Types of schema markup include:

  • Organization schema markup - helps your company name, contact info, location, logo and social profiles appear in SERPs
  • Schema local business markup - helps your local information, including address, contact details and opening hours appear in SERPs
  • Schema product and offer markup - helps product information, like price and images, appear on search results
  • Video schema markup - helps video appear in Google video search

There are loads more but you get the picture. Want to capitalise on it? Our Technical SEO consultants implement code jiggery pokery to help Google understand the content on your site so you can move up the search results. Rich Snippet is not a guy from down the road. It's going to make money for you.

URL mapping and redirects

Broken links, redirect chains, 404s, 301s - you name it, even the best designed websites have them. Except the ones our Tech team have worked on. Let us do your housekeeping to keep your website in order. We'll solve your existing problems and catch new ones as they arise.

If you think that 301 and 404 are bus routes, you need our Manchester-based Technical SEO services. Page 1 for converting hits. Page 3 for unacceptable perving at t**s.



Robot txt

Bebop. Exterminate. Robot txt tells Google and other search engines what pages they can and can't look at on your site, and whether they should index them. A bit like a map. It looks something like the below:

Sitemap: https://www.darkhorse.co/sitemap.xml

User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /blog/

Allow: /blog/post-title/

User-agent: Bingbot

Disallow: /services/

It helps prevent duplicate content from being crawled, images, videos and resources files from appearing in search results and keeps private sections of your website hidden. It also prevents Google from wasting crawl budget on the parts of your site that don't matter.

Google site move verifications

If you want access to your website's data on Google Search Console, Analytics or Adwords, you need to prove that you own your website. Let us set up properly and put tracking in place so you can gain valuable insights into your site's performance.

Penalty removal for Google

Dark Horse analyses what has happened and reverses the damage for you. Usually, the issues are that your backlink portfolio is a shocker, there is blatant keyword stuffing, or your content isn't relevant to the user. We know our onions so will get that penalty squared away. Get you back to a clean sheet.

No website goes on the same journey: some go through migrations while others just need tweaks to help them power up Google results. But all of them should get access to the finest Technical SEO consultants and processes in Manchester. If you're ready to annihilate your competition, send us a sign. They'll never see us coming.


Technical SEO consultants from Dark Horse

Freelance Tech SEO's take the piss by telling you they're the complete SEO package, grabbing £500 for 3 hours of work. Do you know what they'll do? Update some meta descriptions (which aren't a ranking factor anymore), redirect some 404s (a monkey could do that), and tell you they'll write some new copy (that's a content SEO task, not a Tech task). You know what you really need? A Technical SEO agency that will do structured data, impact rankings and make your website shine on page 1.

We're not for everyone, but if you want a Tech SEO agency that will tell you the truth about your website, we're just a call away:

Capital experience – Industry experts. No juniors or whippersnappers. You can’t blag this. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. All of our Technical SEO consultants are at least a level 11 Paladin on something.

No poppycock - We tell you how it is, warts and all. You have full visibility in what we do. We don’t hide behind well-constructed industry excuses such as Google’s moved the goalpost and works in mysterious ways. Balls to that. We just deal with it. We work to what matters to you and that’s £££ on your bottom line.

Drum recommended or award-winning - Only joking, that would be an absurd reason to choose a Tech SEO agency. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three – just three – of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. This is also called sponsorship.

Personality - The unquantifiable bit. Leave no man behind. You don’t want to work with bandits or companies who offer crap service and poor communication. We work hard and won’t rest until we win this for you.

I love free stuff - like a free SEO audit

For SEO to work and bring real results, you need the holy trinity – Technical SEO, Content and Digital PR. None of these are Neil Patel and you can't just learn to do them by reading some blog post from Moz. To compete, win and convert, you need a specialist team with dedicated members for each discipline of SEO. Our agency combines data, science and marketing art to make audits, strategies and commercial results happen.

If you want to make money but don't know how SEO works or if your website needs Technical SEO services, shoot us an email or give us a bell and let our band of elites put together a free SEO audit that will shake you to the core.

Dark Horse SEO audits include:

  • Top-level audit of all your Technical SEO, Content and Digital PR issues
  • A survey of all pages
  • Competitor analysis highlighting the gaps and opportunities
  • Recommendation of key actions you should be taking and how we can help
  • Timeframe for how hard and how fast we'd turn your website around