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Alex Lovesey

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Despite only being in the industry for over a year, Alex is quickly building his expertise in data analysis and PR outreach.

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Alex started his career as a social media manager and UX designer and has since used that knowledge of AGILE working, graphic design and content writing in his Digital PR work. Whilst completing his BA at the University of Nottingham, Alex became an experienced News Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry.

Skilled in Live Broadcasts as well as writing and editing articles on international news and Current Affairs. Alex has been part of the Dark Horse SEO team for just over 12 months. During this time, he has not only become an expert in research, content creation and outreach, but he has also designed the Digital PR link-building process at Dark Horse.

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  • BA, University of Nottingham

  • Hootsuite Socal Marketing Certification

  • BSAC Open Water Instructor

  • PADI Dive Master

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