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Kate Glynn

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Kate is an experienced, versatile SEO content writer and strategist, beginning her career in content marketing in 2013.

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With a passion for writing, she has worked across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients spanning industries including health and wellness, lifestyle, food and drink, recruitment, finance, fashion, and travel. Kate has worked at several digital marketing agencies in the Manchester area, with her last role Senior Content Manager.

In this role, she was responsible for managing a global client’s editorial content production, as well as a small team. Kate joined Dark Horse at the beginning of 2022, where she delivers audits, strategies, editorial content, and reporting for clients in sectors including care, education, fashion, and e-commerce.

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  • BA (Hons) in English

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Sara managed Kate directly

Head of SEO at Venn Digital

Kate is a fantastic writer with a focus on SEO research and quality content for various audiences. She’s organised, always ready to help, and is keen to learn and take on more. I can’t recommend Kate enough, a lovely and kind person to work with and a gem to have in any content and SEO team wanting to succeed.

Sara Kavanagh

Content by Kate

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