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3 Creative ways to use Ad Customisers for PPC


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Ad customisers are nothing new. They’ve actually been around for years.

You’ll have most commonly seen them as a countdown in the ad text for events like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or any sort of special sale.

Here we give you a couple more examples of how to creatively use your ad customisers as part of your overall PPC strategy and elevate your PPC campaigns.

Location targeting ad customisers

Let’s loosen up with location targeting; just because you might be a national or even international business, that doesn’t mean that your clients aren’t looking for a local service.

Using ad customisers, you can cross-reference the user’s search location and serve them an ad displaying their physical location as part of the ad copy.

So, for example, if someone is searching for a digital agency based in Altrincham then that’s exactly what the ad will show them. 

It makes sense in an ‘of course it does’ kind of way.

Audience based ad customisers

Next up, is audience-based ad customisers.

We know that most sales don’t happen on a “see ad, click ad” basis but require multiple visits to the website and a lot of lubrication.

If someone has been to your site before, you can use an ad customiser linked with your audience list to serve them a specific ad copy. This could be something along the lines of “are you still looking for a digital agency?” or something more pithy. 

These kinds of ad customisers could give you a better chance of bringing a potential customer back to the site and then converting them.


Live pricing data

Finally, we have live pricing data.

If you’re running search ads for a product catalogue, you can upload a feed of business data giving the price of different products and services, and these can be shown live in the ad text.

This works particularly well for products with frequently changing prices.

Take used cars as an example. If the price were to change and you were to upload that business data then one week you could be saying “Ford Focus from £4,000” and then a few weeks later, “Ford Focus from £3,500.”


So those are a few simple tips for your ad customisers.

If you need an extra hand with ad customisers, or with PPC in general, speak to us at Dark Horse.

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