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Dark Horse is now a Meta Business Partner


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We are a Meta business partner. Like you give a toss. We’d normally put our own Dark Horse spin on this announcement, but on this occasion, Dark Horse had to be reeled in a bit. Meta did not want us to write our own statement and gave us a bunch of rules and guidelines to follow. Normally, we’d say shove it, but as a one-off, as we want to show you all we are the shit, we’ve appeased our Meta overlords. Playing the game.

Dark Horse is now a Meta Business Partner: Offering its clients more opportunity

Manchester-based digital agency, Dark Horse, can announce to clients that it is now a Meta Business Partner. Meta Business Partners, like Dark Horse, are recognised for their ability to help businesses grow today on Meta’s family of apps. This supports Dark Horse’s efforts of continuing to line its clients’ pockets. Dark Horse doesn’t settle for mediocrity. With demonstrated expertise in campaign management and more, as an agency partner, Dark Horse can help its clients optimise their media planning and buying, to unlock their full potential across Meta apps and services.

Meta Business Partners is a program that connects businesses to an ecosystem of specialists. Dark Horse has access to Meta tools, training and best practices, including:

  • Prioritised issue resolution
  • API and technical support
  • Creative consultations
  • Measurement research initiative

Dark Horse had to earn its status as a Meta Business Partner, and was evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Spend – minimum 180-day ad spend of $1,000,000
  • In region – headquartered in a supported market
  • Business pages – Business Manager is connected to at least 10 Meta pages over a minimum ad spend
  • Ads policy compliance – Business Manager is in compliance with Meta ads policy

The Meta Business Partner enables Dark Horse to unlock benefits to help its clients and it has been vetted for its expertise. Dark Horse is a specialist that can provide benefits to its clients; marketing capabilities from planning, to running ads, to selling products, to engaging with its clients’ customers and measuring results. Furthering advertising options with campaign management, creative platform, feed platforms and conversion data. Selling products with feed platforms and engaging customers with community management.

Dark Horse fights for its clients and is the watchful protector. It knows that the digital marketing industry can be full of shit and is too easy for mediocrity to make money, therefore Dark Horse wants to challenge the status quo. Dark Horse wants its clients to demand more from their digital. If you want to terrify your competition through paid social, contact Dark Horse today: Dominate online!

Dark Horse agency was founded in January 2020 and in its first year has seen incredible growth. In the second half of its first year, the agency increased turnover by 50% and is heading towards a predicted turnover of £1.5million by December 2021.


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