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Google Ads: what to expect in 2024


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The evolving landscape of Google Ads: what to expect in 2024

Google has been making substantial changes to its platform over recent years. From the removal of keyword match types and campaign variants to the introduction of new features like Performance Max and the somewhat inevitable GA4, the landscape of Google Ads is continually shifting.

1. Increased embrace of AI

Google’s push towards automation is not new, but 2024 is expected to witness a more substantial embrace of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Automated strategies for optimising clicks and conversions have been around for a while, but we can anticipate a more robust integration of AI features like Google’s ‘Bard’ AI model in the realm of PPC.

2. Heightened focus on data privacy

Stricter GDPR regulations have placed stringent requirements on data collection, usage, and storage. Enhanced conversions moving to GA4 and the prevalence of features like consent mode underscore the growing importance of data privacy. Advertisers should be prepared to face challenges in data collection and optimisation.

3. Evolution in search queries

With the increasing use of AI, users are likely to conduct more advanced research using tools like Chat GPT before reaching the search engine. This shift will make queries more directional, demanding a thoughtful adjustment in campaign strategies. Additionally, the rising adoption of voice search adds another layer to consider when campaign planning.

4. Proactive approach to PPC in 2024

If the potential changes in PPC for 2024 are causing concerns about the direction of your PPC account, it’s time to take a proactive stance. Connect with Dark Horse for insights and strategies that align with the dynamic landscape of Google Ads.


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