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How can businesses measure the success of their content marketing efforts?


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Content marketing is a pretty crucial strategy for businesses who want to attract and engage their audience. Simply creating content isn’t enough though, for a content marketing strategy to work, it’s essential to have a post match analysis of your efforts. How else will you know if you’re achieving your marketing objectives or getting a good ROI. How can businesses effectively measure the success of their content marketing? Let’s have a good rummage through some key metrics and methods that can help your business to gauge the impact and effectiveness of your best laid content marketing campaigns.

Analyse this

Website analytics are one of the most popular ways a content marketing agency will measure results. There are lots of useful tools out there, such as Google Analytics, which will list key metrics so businesses can see if their hard work has been worth it. Metrics to measure include:

  • Website traffic
  • Page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rates
  • Keyword visibility for SEO content campaigns

Analysing these key areas gives a great insight into how well any content is doing, and shows what could be improved, or what to do more of. 


Another important metric for businesses to track is engagement metrics. This includes factors like shares, comments and likes on social media, or bounce rates and session durations when looking at your website content. Engagement metrics provide insights into how much your content is resonating and connecting with your target audience. If blog posts about certain topics do better than others, then you know what to focus on in the future, and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Take the lead 

The end game for any content marketing agency is to create content that results in leads and conversions. Which is why, as a business, you should look at lead generation metrics. Lead quality, lead conversion rate and customer acquisition cost all help businesses to understand how well their content is doing in driving leads and pulling in sales. 

Our survey says

As well as analysing key metrics and using tools, good old fashioned customer feedback shouldn’t be overlooked. Using surveys, feedback forms or review sites lets businesses see what their customers really think and how well their content is being received. By gathering feedback from customers about the quality and relevance of your content, you gain real-world insights into how well it is meeting the needs and expectations of the desired audience. This feedback can even be used to create more content, for example social media posts, quotes and reviews on a website. 

Get results 

Having a good look at your content marketing results is essential for companies to see if what they are doing is having an impact. When you see what is working, you can make informed decisions about your content marketing strategy and make any adjustments. Tracking key metrics like website analytics, engagement metrics, lead generation metrics and customer feedback, gives businesses the knowledge they need to be proactive, and reactive, with their content. 


If all that sounds like hard work, then the best way to go about measuring content marketing results is to use an agency that knows what they are doing. One that can develop a content marketing strategy, create SEO content that converts, and increase your sales is even better. Get in touch with Dark Horse today to be part of our proven track record


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