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Looker Studio: a game-changer for PPC


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In the world of PPC, one tool stands out as a hidden gem: Data Studio, or as it’s now known, Looker Studio. This powerful yet underutilised tool by PPC agencies can transform the way you analyse and present data.

Unlocking Data Studio’s potential

Forget the stereotypes; Data Studio is not just another reporting tool. It’s a powerhouse that lets you run various reports, from Performance Max and Keyword Breakdowns to ECOM Analytics and Website Behavior Overview, all in a matter of seconds.

Connecting the dots with e-commerce advertisement reports

Imagine effortlessly connecting an e-commerce advertisement report to any account, consolidating all your essential data in one convenient location. It’s not a dream; it’s Data Studio in action.

Effortless Performance Max breakdowns

Dive deep into the performance of your Max campaigns with Data Studio. A few clicks, and you’ll have a breakdown that reveals insights beyond the dashboard. Discover which Performance Max campaigns shine and gain valuable insights, such as comparing shopping versus other channels.

Streamlined insights, instantly

With Data Studio, all your data is at your fingertips. No more waiting, just boom—there it is. Break down everything you need to determine the success of your campaigns and gain insights that might have eluded you before.

Perfect for client reporting

Impress your clients by swiftly generating detailed reports and providing a comprehensive overview of your PPC efforts. Data Studio makes it easy to share performance metrics and campaign breakdowns.


Ready to elevate your PPC game? Unleash the potential of Data Studio today. For expert guidance on optimising your PPC strategies, contact Dark Horse.

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