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Paid Social agency red flags to watch out for


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The dark side of Paid Social: agency red flags to watch out for

Paid social media advertising is a powerful tool, but not all agencies have your best interests at heart. In this quick article, we’ll uncover some red flags that might signal trouble in paradise with your paid social team.

1. Ownership matters

One major red flag is if your agency doesn’t ensure that you own essential assets like your ad account, pixel, and other crucial components. Why should they have control over your business assets and the valuable data that comes with them? If the partnership ends, you could lose access to vital campaign data.

2. Lack of reporting transparency

Another warning sign is if your agency doesn’t provide you with a clear and defined report or offer to discuss performance on a call. Running a successful business shouldn’t require mind-reading skills. A reputable agency should be transparent and willing to explain their strategies and results without making you decipher vague reports.

3. Campaign launch without approval

Transparency is crucial, especially when it comes to launching campaigns. Imagine someone redecorating your house without your permission. While their intentions might be good, what if their vision clashes with yours? Your ads shouldn’t go live without your final approval. After all, it’s your business, and you should have the last say.


When selecting a paid social agency or freelancer, keep a sharp eye out for these red flags. Don’t settle for a partner who holds your assets hostage, keeps you in the dark with vague reports, or launches campaigns without your approval. You deserve an agency that not only possesses expertise but also respects your business goals and values. Stay vigilant.



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