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Top 5 remarketing methods in PPC you should be using


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The mere exposure effect. The psychological phenomenon that is all about how the more we see things, the more we tend to like them.

This is how advertisers really use remarketing methods to hone down on their audiences throughout PPC campaigns.

The top 5 remarketing methods you should be using

Standard display advertising

The simplest and the finest of all remarketing. And what is it? Well, standard display ads are the little photos and text-ads that follow a customer around the online atmosphere on things like websites and apps.

This could be LadBible or Classic F.M… You know what I mean.

Standard display advertising can be great for building brand awareness, reaching customers on the go and ultimately connecting with your target audience in a personalised and impactful way. Winner.


Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic” means that something’s always changing and evolving, which is probably why dynamic remarketing takes PPC to the next level.

Imagine you’re looking for a new digital agency to handle your PPC. You scroll through their website for a little bit of time, but mainly stay on that PPC page.

Later on you’re scrolling on a news website, something like LadBible for instance, and that ad for that digital agency for the PPC services appears.

That is dynamic remarketing in a nutshell.

Why is this one of the best remarketing methods? Dynamic ads adapt and change with your users’ to show the most relevant products or information to them at any given time. Generally, this means more relevant ads, more click-through rates, and more money for you.


YouTube remarketing

I bet you didn’t know that 31% of the world population is on YouTube.

So if you’re not advertising on YouTube, what are you doing?

Video is continuously growing and YouTube remarketing allows you to show potential customers video ads across the platform. Even better, YouTube remarketing ads only show your videos to relevant users, meaning you can reach a whole audience of people wanting to buy exactly what you have to sell. Sounds good, right?

Let me tell you a little secret as well.

When you’re using video remarketing, if a viewer doesn’t watch your video for 30 seconds, or skips, you don’t even pay for it.

It’s a win-win.


Remarketing lists for search ads,

Google remarketing lists, otherwise known as RLSAs, are a little secret weapon for your PPC strategy.

If you need an extra layer of targeting in your search ads, remarketing lists allow for an even more fluid campaign approach.

Let’s think of RLSA ads like this. If someone is searching on Google for your product or service but has previously clicked your ad and viewed your website, this gives you an opportunity to create tailored advertisements just for them.

You’ll be able to put something in the advertisment like “back again?” or, you know, something a bit more subtle like “please buy our product”…

Making sense?


Customer match lists

What is the most powerful weapon for a business? It’s your own traffic. That’s your most powerful weapon.

And this is where customer match lists really come into their own.

Customer match lists let you upload previous customer’s data onto Google that allows you to advertise to them on search, shopping, YouTube, and even display.

It doesn’t get any more granular than that. It’s a fantastic way to advertise new products or get people back into the brand that may have left.


So there’s my top five remarketing methods you should be using in your PPC strategy.

If you need help from real experts on remarketing methods and PPC, speak to Dark Horse.

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