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Understanding advertisement network performance


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Understanding advertisement network performance

If you’re advertising across Google, it’s crucial to understand how your ads perform on different networks. In this guide, we’ll break down the three key networks—Google Search, Search Partners and Google Display Network— and why monitoring their performance is essential for a well-optimised PPC campaign.

The three networks

Google Search: This is where your ads appear when someone searches on Google. Your goal here is to show up in relevant search results and capture the user’s intent.

Search Partners: This includes sites like YouTube or smaller search engines like It expands the reach of your ads beyond Google’s own search platform.

Google Display Network: Comprising sites like LADBible, this network showcases your ads in a visually appealing way across various websites.

Checking network performance

Now, let’s dive into why monitoring network performance is crucial. Take a look at your ad account—what do you see? In our example in the video above, the Google Display Network is costing more than double in terms of cost per conversions compared to Search Partners and Google Search.

The logical step? Consider turning off the Google Display Network for now. By doing so, you can prevent budget wastage and ensure that your ads account is optimised for better performance.

It’s easy to overlook the impact of different networks on your advertising budget. Regularly checking and adjusting your strategy based on performance metrics can significantly improve the efficiency of your campaigns. Don’t let your budget go to waste—optimise your ad performance by keeping a close eye on your advertisement network metrics.

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