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What is a fast way to create SEO content?


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There are no real shortcuts when it comes to creating SEO content; you always want to make sure your content is optimised for search engines and valuable to the user. There are some techniques you can employ to streamline the process though. With a little bit of know-how and some tried and tested methods, you can create some quick SEO content without sacrificing quality. 

Create a content template

One fast way to create SEO content is to use a predesigned content template. A content template is an outline that includes all the necessary elements that are consistently used in any piece of SEO content. It’s a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ if you will. 

Your content template should include sections for the following:  

A content template is a quick SEO win that helps you tick off all the crucial elements required to create a good piece of SEO content that ranks.

AI content creation

Content generation tools might have got a few side eyes when they first came bounding into the SEO arena, but they can be a useful way to shave off some time when creating content. Tools like ChatGPT and Frase, use artificial intelligence to quickly generate content based on a set of keywords or instructions. Proceed with caution though. Whilst AI is a quick way to produce content, you will need to go through and edit it, making sure it is original and uses keywords naturally and spotting opportunities for any links to be added.  

Keyword research

You can’t talk about SEO without mentioning keywords. Conducting keyword research before writing your content will help you come up with ideas for topics that are relevant to your target audience. As an entry level you can weave keywords into your meta titles and descriptions, alt text and headings. These are all things which can improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine results. Then you can build the content out and use these keywords throughout to further bolster your SEO efforts. 

Use existing content 

Repurposing existing content is an ideal way to make some quick SEO wins. Spring clean your content to see what is working and what isn’t. Then look for ways to update, expand or improve on existing blog posts, articles and other content. These optimisations can take a lot less time than writing totally new content and be a fast way to see some results. You can also use this as a chance to create fresh content using the insights you have gained from seeing what is and isn’t driving traffic. Repurposing existing content means you save time while still providing helpful information to your audience.

The gift of time

If you want to create quick SEO content, there are ways you can go about it. We don’t advise cutting corners, but we also don’t sniff at anyone using simple short cuts that still produce quality content. To really work your way up through the SERPs, you need to run the full digital marketing gamut. That means a combination of Tech SEO, Content marketing and Digital PR; which is where Dark Horse comes in. Ask us about our SEO services, and we’ll tell you how we can get you to the top spot in the search engines and give you back the gift of time. 


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