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Eh up cocker, get yoursen on Google

Ah, Lancashire, the land of perpetual drizzle. In a land of endless rolling hills where grey skies reign supreme, the county is hidden in a shadow of darkness. The shadows where SEO tricksters and conmen (or women) want to steal you money with the promise of improved website visibility and increased sales. Only to give you diddly-squat and a big headache.

We are the SEO Lancashire agency that doesn’t settle for mediocrity. We grew tired of shoddy SEO services, of seeing your day-to-day business get screwed over by greedy vultures wanting nothing but the money in your pocket. We don’t believe good SEO is just for those with the deepest pockets. In Lancashire’s own words, we believe in “A place where everyone matters.” We are the SEO agency Lancashire has been waiting for.

Say good riddance to average SEO Lancashire, and become the dark horse your competition fears.

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Say good riddance to average SEO Lancashire, and become the dark horse your competition fears.

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Beltin’ SEO services Lancashire

We are the SEO agency Lancashire deserves. We create and implement killer SEO strategies that are specific to your business. We’re not interested in pretty (but pointless) metrics here. We want to get you the results you actually want to see. Let’s look further into our SEO services Lancashire…

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Technical SEO is the backbone of your website. The foundation that supports all your digital efforts. Technical SEO involves optimising your website’s backend structure and code to improve its visibility and search engine ranking. It includes tasks such as site speed optimisation, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, schema markup and much more.

Why is Technical SEO important? Simply put – without it, your website may not be able to reach its full potential in terms of ranking and visibility. A well-optimised website can attract more traffic and leads which can ultimately lead to higher revenues for your business.

That’s where we come in. The SEO Lancashire agency of your dreams. Galavanting in with capes wafting majestically in the wind to rescue you from the nonces. Not really – but we will make your website better.

On Page

One of the essential components of SEO is on-page optimisation. On-page SEO refers to all the activities that you can do on your website to improve its search engine visibility. It includes optimising your content, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, images and internal links.

By optimising your on-page elements, you’re telling search engines what your website is all about and making it easier for them to understand and rank. And let’s face it, we all want our websites to be at the top of those search results pages. These are the SEO services Lancashire businesses deserve.

Digital PR

Digital PR is like a superhero for your online presence, fighting off the evil forces of obscurity and invisibility. In simpler terms, it’s a strategic approach to increasing your online visibility through various digital channels. And in today’s world, where everything is online, having a strong Digital PR game is essential.

With the right strategy and execution, Digital PR can help you build quality backlinks, improve your website’s authority and credibility, and ultimately increase your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Don’t be left behind in the digital wilderness. Embrace the power of Digital PR with our SEO agency Lancashire, and watch as your online presence soars to new heights.

Rhino Safety

Rhino Safety is a leading safety consultancy group. Rhino came to Dark Horse with a challenge of increasing current search visibility and conversions. Dark Horse was eager to deliver. Firstly, it conducted an audit to see where the issues lay and then developed strategy. This helped to communicate to Rhino Safety what the plan of action was and develop strong lines of communication. Challenge accepted.

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Increase in organic sessions

What our Lancashire SEO services cover

We only deliver the SEO services Lancashire businesses deserve. Everything we do is rooted in forensic analysis. We get deep into the nooks and crannies of your website and your competitors, unearth all the skeletons in the closet to expose them for what they really are. Beltin’.

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Keyword research

Simply put, keyword research involves identifying the words or phrases that people use when searching for information related to your business. By incorporating these keywords into your website’s content and meta tags, search engines will recognise your website as a relevant source and rank it higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword research is not just about finding the most popular search terms, it’s about finding the right ones that will attract your target audience. Our SEO agency Lancashire understands what people are searching for and how they’re searching for it, and we know how to create killer content that speaks directly to them.

Competitor analysis

SEO competitor analysis refers to the process of researching and evaluating the digital strategies employed by your competitors to improve their organic search rankings. It involves examining various aspects such as keyword targeting, content creation, backlink profiles, technical optimisation and user experience.

This is arguably one of the most valuable SEO services Lancashire businesses can benefit from – if done right. We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of competitors to identify the factors contributing to their online success and use that knowledge to enhance YOUR SEO efforts. Nice one.

Backlink analysis

SEO backlink analysis is the process of evaluating the backlinks pointing to a website. It involves examining factors such as the number of backlinks, their source websites, the anchor text used and the authority and relevance of the linking domains.

By understanding your backlink profile, we assess the overall quality and effectiveness of your link-building efforts to identify the gaps and opportunities to get you more of Google’s tasty link-juice. Now that’s SEO Lancashire deserves.

SEO and Content Strategy

We are not an average SEO agency, Lancashire. We’re not about letting all that good analysis go to waste. We put all that work into a clear SEO strategy that is aligned with your business goals, whether that’s to drive more sales, lead generation, or simply to improve online visibility.

Stop pace eggin’ about with the mind numbing SEO games with those who just want your gold jangling in their pockets. Get the proper SEO services Lancashire is worthy of.

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Our Lancashire SEO strategy

We are a Lancashire SEO Agency that doesn’t settle for second-best. Our strategy is one designed to terrify your adversaries. Here’s how we do it:

  • Audit – We analyse your website, your industry and your competitors, leaving no stone unturned
  • Plan – We put all our findings into a clear, commercially driven strategy that is designed to deliver your business goals
  • Implement – We do the things…duh
  • Monitor – We carefully and proactively track performance to make sure we are getting the results you want and need
  • Review – We don’t stop. We constantly reassess and re-audit your website to stay ahead of your competition
  • Win – We make you more money
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Stop messin’ about with crappy SEO services Lancashire. See what we can do for you with a FREE SEO audit.

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SEO in Lancashire and beyond

In Lancashire? Great. Work out of the county? Also great. Our SEO agency Lancashire doesn’t care where your business is based or what areas you cover. We only care about one thing: doing damn good SEO that actually gets you results.

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Local SEO

For businesses operating in Lancashire, local SEO optimisation is a game-changer. Local SEO focuses on optimising your website to rank higher in local search results. This involves claiming and optimising your Google My Business listing, getting positive customer reviews and ensuring your business information is accurate across various online directories.

Surprise, surprise this is just one of the SEO services Lancashire business can find from our Dark Horse collective. We help you dominate local search results and attract more customers from your target area.

National SEO

National SEO involves optimising a website and online presence to rank higher in search results across an entire country. It focuses on broader, more generic keywords that are relevant to a national audience. Lucky for you, we know what the hell we’re doing. Our Lancashire SEO experts know how to increase organic visibility and attract a larger pool of potential customers from various regions within the country.

International SEO

International SEO involves optimising a website and online presence to rank higher in search results across multiple countries and languages. It focuses on targeting international keywords, tailoring content to different cultures and languages and addressing specific challenges associated with global search engine rankings.

SEO has to cost a bomb and can only be achieved by stale, corporate big shots.

What load of twod. We believe damn good digital marketing is for everyone, not just those with the deepest pockets. We are the SEO agency Lancashire has been waiting for. Step into the shadows and become the dark horse your competition will fear.

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Other things we do


Digital Audit

There is no room for mediocrity in the future. We will forensically retire your incumbent agency. Piece by ickle piece individually wrapped in powerpoint slides.

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Paid Social

They haven’t got mortgages so why not take their savings instead of Netflix. Paid Social so startlingly revolutionary that it could make Gen Z vote Tory with Kirsty Allsop as PM.

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SEO Service

The only thing you will get from page 3 is going blind. Law professional, Tracey 23, from Skegness says "No sales below my favourite position - number 1 of course!"

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PPC Service

PPC results to make you cry tears of joy. PPC results to make your competition cry. Period. Make a Martini out of them.

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