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Free website SEO audit

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free website seo audit

Uncover the skeletons. Take the power back.

Crappy free SEO audits. We’ve seen a lot of them in our time. Pretty metrics that mean nothing, deliberating confusing jargon and pithy commentary that makes Google out to be a mysterious entity that can’t be tamed. We bet you’ve seen them too. We bet you’ve even been conned into actually paying for these shoddy SEO audits, only to be left empty-pocketed, empty-handed and downright disappointed. We know what it’s like to be deceived and lied to. Deserted by agencies that kept us in the dark. We learnt to become the shadow – to become the change we wanted to see.

We don’t hide behind anything here. That’s why we offer a free SEO review to ANY business. Pure integrity and knowledge is at the heart of our free SEO audit. Our SEO collective carry out the in-depth, forensic SEO audit and develop a strategy that is designed to get your business results. Whether that’s increased visibility, leads or conversions. Sounds good? We thought so.

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Unlock the power of your online presence with our free SEO Audit. Take the first step towards leaving wasted investments behind and stepping into a brighter future.

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What does ourfree website SEO review include?

If you were expecting a 3-page PDF of stats about your alt tags, metadata and page speed, this is NOT that audit. We think those free audits are pure crap.

Our free website analysis covers every aspect of SEO in forensic detail:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content and on-page SEO
  • Off-age SEO and backlinks
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Mobile analysis
  • Organic landscape analysis

We leave no stone unturned, no nook unexplored. We look at EVERYTHING, and then we tell you what your priorities should be. If you like what you see, then become one of our clients. Step into the shadows. Become the dark horse your competition fears.

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Who will conduct the free SEO report?

Your free website SEO audit will be carried out by the very elites of our SEO dons. With a combined experience of over 50 years, you could say they have a brain cell or two between them.

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Results from our free website analysis

Our free SEO audits are more than a forensic report. They’re actions. Bloody good ones at that. Off the back of our free seo reports, our SEO experts carry out the necessary SEO work your business needs. That’s what we did for pre-owned luxury fashion brand, Luxe Collective, and boy did we see some results.

We designed a full-scale SEO campaign to seize a huge commercial opportunity to generate traffic through its brand and category pages. The results? We’ll let them speak for themselves…

  • 588% increase in impressions
  • 247% increase in non-brand sessions
  • 46% increase in organic revenue

Like the sound of that? Ask for your free website SEO review today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Why we offer a free SEO audit?

It’s in our name. We help the dark horse in the race. We don’t believe digital marketing is made for those with the deepest pockets. We’ve been around the block, we’ve been screwed over, and we thought, nah, enough of it.

We know it’s vital to stay ahead of your competition. A free SEO review can help you do just that. Get all the skeletons out of the closet. Identify your gaps and opportunities. Plan your defence and your attack to make sure you thrive.

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Industries for our free website SEO audit

Do you work in an industry? Yep? Hooray for you – you get an audit! In the words of Oprah, you get an audit, you get an audit – Everyone gets an audit!

Seriously though, it doesn’t matter what industry you work in. Tradies, corporate mergers, dog groomers, stag do’s – whatever industry your business sits in, we will do a free SEO audit for you.

Business types for our free SEO audit

The idea that only big businesses with big websites should get or need an seo audit is absolute bullshit. Whether you’re an SME, a big conglomerate, or a freelancer, your website needs to be properly maintained to actually bloody work.

We aren’t about discrimination or segregation here. We pledge to help any and all businesses that come into the shadows, looking for an ally, an anti-hero to save them from the skirmish of disappointment. Our free SEO review does exactly that.

What is a free seo audit?
What is a free seo audit? - Expand

A free SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website’s performance and optimisation factors that impact its visibility in search engine rankings. It involves evaluating various aspects of the website to identify areas for improvement and develop an effective SEO strategy.

How long does a free seo review take?
How long does a free seo review take? - Expand

The duration of our free SEO review can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website, as well as the thoroughness of the audit process. Typically, we will conduct our review for you within 1 working week.

How much does an seo audit cost?
How much does an seo audit cost? - Expand

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between £400 and £10,000 for a full SEO audit on your website. Obviously, these costs will vary depending on a number of variable factors, and will depend on how long the audit takes. We know not everyone can afford to fork out the big bucks for a forensic seo audit. That’s why we offer a free seo review. You’re welcome.

How to do a free seo audit?
How to do a free seo audit? - Expand

There are a lot of steps that can go into an SEO audit. Generally, this involves forensically analysing the Technical, SEO and backlink data of your website compared to your competitors to identify trends, gaps and opportunities your business can capitalise on.

Why do you need an SEO audit?
Why do you need an SEO audit? - Expand

Where do we start… Conducting regular SEO audits lets you see a true reflection of how your website is performing. What’s working, what isn’t, what your gaps and opportunities are. It’s essential for understanding your website.

Am I eligible for a free SEO review?
Am I eligible for a free SEO review? - Expand

Do you have a website? Yep? Congrats, you’re eligible! We run free SEO audits for any business of any size, in any industry.

Do I have to use your services?
Do I have to use your services? - Expand

You don’t have to but we’d really like it if you did. Look, you’re free to disagree with anything we find. There is ZERO obligation to our free website SEO audits.

Do you need access to my website or analytics?
Do you need access to my website or analytics? - Expand

Ideally we like to have access to any Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to do a really in-depth audit of your website, however this isn’t necessary for us to complete a free SEO audit. We can find the skeletons in your closet another way.

What pages will you audit?
What pages will you audit? - Expand

All of ‘em. We will look at every single page on your website.

Is your free seo audit automated or manual?
Is your free seo audit automated or manual? - Expand

We use a lot of SEO tools to find and analyse data, however every step of our free website SEO audit is conducted by the Dark Horse SEO experts manually. Expect blood, sweat and tears to go into this audit.

What happens after I request a free SEO audit?
What happens after I request a free SEO audit? - Expand

We will contact you, get some more information about your business, and then do the audit for you. This typically happens within 1 working week.

I'm interested in a paid SEO audit - do you do one?
I'm interested in a paid SEO audit - do you do one? - Expand

Nope, just a free website SEO audit you lucky buggers. If you want to pay us we won’t say no though.

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