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SEO agency Stockport

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seo agency stockport

We noticed that your website isn’t doing so well.

Poor keywords rankings, no leads and zero traffic. Something’s definitely off, otherwise, why would you be here?

You’re probably asking yourself, “Should I hire an SEO agency?” Well, that’s totally up to you. But here’s the deal: if you go with a mediocre SEO agency in Stockport that doesn’t give a hoot about the one thing that really counts (hint: making you money), you ain’t gonna reach all those potential customers of yours. Just sayin’.

We’re not like other Stockport SEO agencies. We actually listen to you.

We won’t tell you to redo your website or make new category pages if it’s not necessary. But we will dive deep into your website to find out exactly what’s going wrong. And then we’ll fix it.

The result? Heaps of money in your bank account and your competitors sobbing into their sky-high agency invoices. 

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The SEO agency Stockport deserves

We all know the saying, “SEO results take time to show.” It’s a common spiel used by self-proclaimed SEO ninjas that probably worship Neil Patel as an SEO guru. You probably know the type.

But let’s be real, your website isn’t going to magically rank on page 1 overnight. However, if your SEO agency is taking longer than it takes the 192 bus in Stockport to show up (has it ever been on time?!) then you’re definitely being conned by the usual Stockport SEO suspects.

There are many SEO scammers in the digital marketing industry. They claim to be specialists, but really they just use pretty PDFs and make empty promises trying to lure you into a long-term retainer that only has one outcome – bleeding you dry.

Before you know it, you’re six months in, broke and without any results. Don’t fall for their tricks.

We only care about the truth.

We will show you what is wrong with your website and exactly how we will fix it. Forget about the deceiving reports that shroud their poor results with reach and impressions. No tricks or illusions. Only SEO.

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SEO services for Stockport

Deceitful Digital Marketing is rife in Stockport.

False promises, vanity metrics and thieving agency fees are all too common. And it’s the business owners that pay the heavy price.

Dark Horse vows to put an end to mediocre SEO – Stockport deserves better.

  • Technical SEO services to get your website set up for success, including URL redirects, page speed optimisations, structured data, schema and analytics management
  • Impactful On-page SEO and Content marketing to churn SEO rich keywords into literal gold with better keyword rankings, organic traffic and conversions
  • Authority-building Digital PR strategies to put you front and centre of your audience in the publications they read on the daily and secure those crucial high-quality links
  • Forensic SEO audits that delve deep into the pits of your website to uncover every error and opportunity that will make you more money
  • Access to Stockport’s best SEO minds that think 2 steps ahead of the competition – they won’t even see you coming


Stockport SEO is about to get real. And Dark Horse is the MVP.

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Why you need Dark Horse

Winning is great. It means money. And the best part is making our clients’ competitors lose sleep over it.

Better yet, give ‘em nightmares.

We don’t do vanity victories. If it doesn’t make you money, we’re not interested. We’re all about results – conversions, leads and gold coins. That’s what counts.

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SEO Humblebrag

Luxury e-commerce brand, Luxe Collective, absolutely smashed its marketing on social media.

Its website, on the other hand, wasn’t bringing home the bacon.

From the shadowy alleys of the Stockport viaducts, it sent a signal for salvation. Dark Horse was waiting for the call.

In just 6 months of work, our forensic SEO strategy driven by Technical SEO fixes and engaging On-page SEO grew its non-brand sessions by 247% and increased organic revenue by 46%.

What’s that smell? No, it’s not the McVities factory in Stockport – it’s the sweet, sweet smell of victory.

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The Best SEO minds in Altrincham

Rhino Safety is a leading safety consultancy group. Rhino came to Dark Horse with a challenge of increasing current search visibility and conversions. Dark Horse was eager to deliver. Firstly, it conducted an audit to see where the issues lay and then developed strategy. This helped to communicate to Rhino Safety what the plan of action was and develop strong lines of communication. Challenge accepted.

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Increase in organic sessions

Other things we do


Digital Audit

There is no room for mediocrity in the future. We will forensically retire your incumbent agency.

Piece by ickle piece individually wrapped in powerpoint slides.

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Paid Social

They haven’t got mortgages so why not take their savings instead of Netflix. Paid Social so startlingly revolutionary that it could make Gen Z vote Tory with Kirsty Allsop as PM.

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seo manchester

SEO Service

The only thing you will get from page 3 is going blind.

Law professional, Tracey 23, from Skegness says "No sales below my favourite position - number 1 of course!"

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PPC Service

PPC results to make you cry tears of joy.

PPC results to make your competition cry. Period. Make a Martini out of them.

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