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Ryan Bartram

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Ryan is an experienced PPC manager with a proven track record of delivering results across a variety of ecommerce and lead generation verticals.

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Ryan started his PPC career at Add People, another Altrincham based agency, progressing from a junior account manager with no experience to being the PPC training manager for new staff within 2 years. Ryan also studied both History and Business Management at the University of Hull.

Ryan has been part of the Dark Horse team for almost 4 years and manages a variety of high spending portfolio accounts across both E-Commerce and Lead Generation within a variety of verticals. Ryan is responsible for the growth and improvement of some of the highest spending accounts at Dark Horse as well as maintaining positive client relationships.

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  • Msc, Business Management – University of Hull
  • BA Hons, History – University Of Hull
  • Google Ads Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Display Certified
  • Google Search Certified
  • Google Shopping Certified
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August 14, 2020, Dan managed Ryan directly

Digital Marketing Acquisition Expert

Ryan is a highly skilled PPC expert and has been instrumental in adding value to our clients at Dark Horse through well thought strategy and execution across many challenging verticals on both lead gen and large e-commerce accounts.

Dan Rospedzihowski

June 13, 2017, Matt was senior to Ryan but didn’t manage Ryan directly

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I worked with Ryan for a year at Strallen and offered training, advice and support. They say in many industries “nice guys finish last”, this certainly wasn’t the case with Ryan as a person nor his work ethic.

Ryan is a highly intelligent and pragmatic individual who maintains an exquisite work ethic. He arrived early, stayed late and never missed a days work. He absorbs information well and is an individual who was well admired and respected by my colleagues and by myself for his honesty, hardworking, warm, friendly, pleasant and sociable nature and an ability to excel in a role he hadn’t done before.

Ryan’s well grounded, mature and intelligent work ethic and personality will make him a success in everything he does as it has already done before with his previous work experience and his education. I would Recommend Ryan as a more than valuable asset to any company.

Matt Mickler

Content by Ryan


Ryan Bartram

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