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Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane

Get lost in The Dark Forest

Dark Horse, is putting words into actions as it cultivates the Dark Forest. Dark Horse doesn’t just say it supports offsetting carbon-emissions; it puts it into practise. We work with clients who also believe sustainability isn’t just a bullshit bingo buzzword. It believes in what it is trying to…



What can we expect from Black Friday?

Black Friday 2020 is finally here, and we’re eager to see exactly how Covid-19 and two lockdowns will impact the shopping day of all shopping days. It’s no secret that this year has been unlike any other: retailers are fighting to stay afloat whereas shoppers are carefully considering their purchasing…



Katie Turnbull

Are we paying enough attention to Bing?

Although Bing hasn’t quite reached the status of verb the way that Google has managed to do, this underrated search engine is an excellent way to tap into a new demographic of buyers. The Bing network is owned by corporate giant Microsoft, and one of the biggest benefits of this…



4 signs you might need an SEO agency

4 signs you might need an SEO agency SEO can often be absorbed into the day to day marketing efforts of a company. However, this isn’t always the most beneficial use of your time. Whether your company has a dedicated in-house SEO Manager or it falls to the wayside and…



Ryan Bartram

The 10 steps to PPC success

The Dark Horse yellow brick road PPC is a tricky business, there are literally thousands of variables that impact an accounts performance. This is where structure and discipline come in. Over the years, we have refined our strategy which allows us to consistently yield results. Below is a snapshot at…