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The three horsemen
of SEO

The three horsemen
of SEO

The right SEO agency isn’t a secret weapon, it’s a loaded tank

Everyone thinks they can "do optimisation" but only true SEO agency experts know what ammo and intelligence it takes to tackle your competitor's keywords and conquer that number one spot. We don't piss around with search engine optimisation services, we invest in the best people and industry tools to prepare organic, traffic-led strategies and make an impact on your bottom line. No vanity metrics, no filler, just commercial-driven results. Simply, we put other digital agencies to shame.

Our Dark Horse SEO arsenal is composed of three horsemen ready to rain down fire on your competitors. Optimisation victory happens when Technical SEO fixes your website errors and enhances your pages, Content Marketing rewrites your copy and plans brand authority topics you should be talking about, all the while Digital PR ambushes media and authority sites with Outreach campaigns to build you a solid backlink profile.

We believe that with a proper SEO agency you can have strategies which will help your brand realise its full potential and make loads of money. This is not some shit you can do yourself by reading Moz articles.


Will search engine optimisation services

get me money and more traffic?

The beauty of well done search engine optimisation is that it can build you a foundation that no competitor can nuke. It can reduce the amount you need to spend on PPC and in turn reduces reliance on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon or NOTHS which take a huge chunk of your profits. 

This is your war horse which will build you a solid brand reputation, improve user experience and journey on your website, it will make you an authority in your industry. From Technical SEO foundations and hypnotising copy which hides keywords for Google, all the way to Digital PR campaigns that will connect your brand with high-value media. Dark Horse SEO will catapult you to the top of search engine results pages and become a menace to your competitors.

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The complete SEO agency experience: Technical, Content Marketing and Digital PR

We're the complete SEO agency package. Our search engine optimisation services include all search engine-focused branches of digital marketing working together to assassinate your competition. Our team brings quick results and plans long-term conquest tasks that will keep you going until there is no one left on the battlefield.

Page three is not good enough. Unless you're ranking on one – we've not done our job. You tell us your goals and we send in our Technical SEO, Content Marketing and Digital PR with torches in hand to dominate SERPs with your brand using our SEO agency experience and expertise.

The Dark Horse SEO Manchester team is known for revealing harsh truths. This is a team of optimisation experts who ravage websites and find every error, gap and opportunity. They aren't here to be nice. Just remember, they point out everything wrong so they can build a fort of a website that no competitor keyword campaign will be able to siege. The teams ambition is high – they're not here to make friends, they're here to destroy your opposition and make you the emperor of SERPs.


What can you expect from our full SEO agency service:

  • Quarterly comprehensive SEO audits and strategies which include Technical SEO, Content Marketing and Digital PR recommendations and plans
  • Technical SEO from structured data to web coding
  • SEO copywriting that lures people in
  • UX/UI and URL reviews to optimise for humans AND Google
  • Brand authority campaigns researched and written by our content experts
  • Creative Digital PR and Outreach campaigns
  • Industry experts demystifying the fog of SEO
  • White hat SEO solutions – we look down on agencies who still do 2007 link buying
  • Ascendency and imperium


Technical SEO

Technical SEO lays the foundations for search engines to find, organise and understand key pages on a website. It’s essential. A powerful website is a fort in a battle for keyword rankings. Our search engine optimisation industry experts drill into your crawls, txt files and every meta description to find errors that are holding you down and opportunities you're not aware of. From site maps and indexing issues to implementing structured data and SERP features – Dark Horse Technical SEO specialists will slingshot your business to the top of page one. 

Digital PR

Paid press releases and free blogger links are what agencies stuck in the 00s do. We fix your backlink profile and make your brand known using creative and researched SEO PR campaigns that journalists would fight for. Less bullshit press updates, more feature stories. The Digital PR experts at Dark Horse harness relationships with press and media to target nationwide or industry specific audiences and get your website links, organic traffic and conversions.

SEO Content Marketing

Copy is the blood that pulses through the veins of your business. SEO copywriting is a skill that takes years, not one blog post on 'how to write good'. The Dark Horse Content Marketing team zones in on copy length, correct tone of voice, researched keywords, targeted copywriting and so much more to make your brand stand out and make Google take notice. This is where boring product copy is made into triumphant SEO prose and ignored blogs are turned into researched organic traffic grenades. Destroy and dominate with SEO content that ranks and converts.

Why Dark Horse?

We only hire the very best. The smarter we work, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That's not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it's down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

Aside from being legends, our services don't cost a bomb. We're based up North keeping our overheads down to give you the best price. Dark Horse has people who really get it, making noise and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to give us a call.

We're not for everyone. We get on best with companies who want results and understand the power of data. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together. Jabber over a jammie dodger?