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Yazmin Hanley

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Yaz boasts nearly a decade of Sales experience, coupled with over four years dedicated to e-commerce. Positioning her as a seasoned professional well-versed in the intricacies of online success, her expertise spans diverse sectors including grocery, retail, recruitment, and private equity.

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As a Business Development Manager at Dark Horse, Yaz leads initiatives to expand the company’s client portfolio, ensuring businesses receive top-tier digital marketing strategies tailored to their specific needs.

With a profound understanding of digital commerce, Yaz is renowned for her ability to decipher customer challenges and deliver holistic solutions. Armed with extensive knowledge and a commitment to excellence, she is dedicated to elevating businesses to new heights through innovative digital strategies, crafted to optimize performance and drive success.

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  • Level 3 IT Systems and Principles Diploma
  • Level 3 IT Professional Competence Diploma
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March 15, 2022, Laura reported directly to Yaz

We meet many people every day, but only some leave the marks, and one of them is Yaz. Yaz’s multitasking ability is unlike I’ve seen before and made an applause-worthy increase in Wynshop’s growth level. She always keeps the team morale up, and I believe she is the best manager I ever had, her ability to work through difficult times and develop new ways to achieve the targets is always inspiring. I am delighted to work and learn from Yaz, and long may that continue.

Laura Short – Strategic Account Manager at Wynshop

January 17, 2024, Brett Reported directly into Yaz

Yaz was my direct boss for the entirety of my time at Wynshop. We worked hand in hand daily to deliver on sales goals. Yaz is one of the hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Someone that will go the extra mile, or two to get things. I have nothing but the highest praise for Yaz.

Brett Vinson – Account Executive at Red Pepper Digital

January 19, 2024, Wesley reported directly into Yaz

Yaz is a leader in every sense of the word. She truly inspires her team and provides unyielding support with whatever they need. There is never a doubt who the hardest working person in the room is when she is present. Any organization would be lucky to have her in a leadership role. Feel free to message me directly for more information regarding her character, talent, and work ethic. She is a rare find.

Wesley Phillips – Account Executive at Wynshop

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