Grindstore - Paid Social

Grindstore - Paid Social

Alternative methods

Grindstore is the home of alternative fashion. Catering for all ages and needs, they stock products from the best TV shows, movies, bands and brands around. Some of these brands include DC, Marvel, Star Wars and more. Their aim is to bring the best quality merchandise at great prices with exclusive products that you cannot get anywhere else.

The management team wanted to expand and look at other ways to market their products. We suggested looking at paid social due to its advanced targeting (and often cheaper cost, if done correctly).

The challenge was set. Increase brand engagement, traffic and marketing comms sign ups.


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The Battle Plan

During our research phase, we were able to recognise that the client wasn't promoting their products well enough. There was very little targeting, meaning they were missing out on a lot of potential customers.

It was clear that Grindstore were keen in popular culture and had seen some success in running these types of campaigns. From this, we built out a calendar full of ideas of audiences to target. The calendar included things from political events, movies, popular TV shows, upcoming game releases, concerts and more. Grindstore were able to print designs on products and apparel alike, so we took full advantage of this ensuring that we were ahead of the curve compared to our competitors for pumping out new products.

We started a Facebook Messenger campaign to begin with, following the end of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Using ManyChat, we created an engaging quiz within Facebook Messenger that people could play to find out what ‘house’ they belonged to. This campaign would result in a huge amount of interaction allowing us to build a marketing list which could be used for remarketing purposes in both PPC and paid social campaigns.

Another campaign we ran was based on the popular TV show, RuPaul's Drag Race. We set up multiple promoted posts to drive customers to their site. By split testing variants of the products with separated ads tailored to both men and women we saw an increase in engagement throughout the client's social channels all whilst keeping costs at a minimum.

The proof is in the pudding...

Dressed For Success

Game of Throne Chat bot:

  • 7,242 page engagement

  • Cost per conversion (message replies) of 0.13p

  • 1,000 new subscribers from Facebook Messenger.

Sleigh Away

RuPaul Facebook ad:

  • 75% increase in CTR within 3 months

  • 122% increase in ROAS within 3 months

  • Our RuPaul ad resulted in over 1,500 comments and 120 shares


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